When I came across this quote, I was immediately inspired to create a print with it. When I think about my childhood, these words sum it up how I looked and felt at the end of every summer day: feet dirty (and toes stubbed) from never bothering to wear shoes, wild curly hair windblown and tangled, and eyes full of wonder and sparkle. Everything was an adventure – from catching lightening bugs and playing Ghost in the Graveyard, to long bike rides that ended with iced tea on the back porch swing. (You, too?) I woke up expectant and went to bed ready for more. THIS is how I want my adult life to be. This is the kind of zest for life that I want to model for my kids. This is going to be my mantra going into this spring and summer, and I invite you to join me! Here’s to a season of more mess, more adventures, and more sparkling!..


With the quote and inspiration in mind, I created a print for your walls and a tote for your adventures! Here’s are two fun things about these new pieces…

1. The Sparkling Eyes Art Print marks our 150th PRINT!!! I can’t even believe it! So to celebrate it’s extra-specialness, we printed this one in the coolest gold glitter hologram foil! It’s the champagne of foil, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
2. The Sparkling Eyes Take-Along Tote was something I had to snag and bring with me to Mexico a couple weeks ago! I loved it for carrying all my beach essentials in, but I actually brought it to serve as a mini laundry bag to store all of my worn (ahem, smaller) garments in. Since I’ve been back from vacation, we’ve used it for everything from library books to a lunch & snack bag for the jumpy place. ;o) Whatever you choose to do with it, we know this little bag will come in so handy for all the fun headed your way this Spring & Summer!

I hope you love these fun new goodies, and that they make you feel happy, inspired, and ready to take on the day! xo, linds

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I’ve said it one million times, but it’s worth saying every day, all day: I AM SO SO SO SO GRATEFUL for your continued love and support over the years! Your support enables me to do what I love, to support my family, and to share a positive message of life and hope with people every day!

If you’re into celebrating Small Business Saturday, I’d love to share the above graphics with you! Post them to your own social media outlets and let’s share the small biz love!!! Happy gifting, friends!! xoxo, L





JUST in time for Thanksgiving, check out our fun new product: the Thanksgiving Gratitude Printable Pack! This downloadable PDF packs a big punch for $20 – it’s loaded with seven art prints, fill-in-the-blank Gratitude and menu cards, and some other goodies to make your Thanksgiving holiday even sweeter. We hope you’ll find that these pieces are the Cool Whip on your pumpkin pie – just the finishing touches your get-together needed! Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo, L {click to shop!}


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My first coloring book – Sweeter than Honey – is available for preorder NOW!!!! There are over 40, 8×10 art-print-type pages to color – and they are also perforated so you can tear them out and frame them. It’s packed with scripture and encouragement, and it’s available for $15.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and Indy Bound. You can search directly for Sweeter than Honey coloring book at those retailers, or you can click the links on the book page at

When Harper Collins approached me about working with them to create a coloring book, my first thought was “WOAH!!!” I was so honored and humbled. My second thought? No. Why no? Well for starters, I hadn’t gotten into the adult coloring book phenomenon. I haven’t had margin in my life since it was merely a part of the college-ruled notebook pages I loved doodling in decade ago. If I’m honest (which you know I am), the adult coloring books I saw looked beautiful (!!!) but, for me, daunting. BUT, I felt strongly like the Lord graciously brought me this opportunity, and so it was my job to pray on it. To really listen. If I was to take on this project, what would the Lord allow me to say to anyone that would buy this book? I needed to stop thinking about it like a coloring book, and instead, think about it as ministry. What have I been over here saying, waving my arms about this whole time? To anyone that will listen? I’ve been shouting “Art matters. You matter. And you matter enough for art.” I believe to the core of my being that our creative God uses art to heal us, inspire us, delight us, soothe us, nourish us. Furthermore, it is CRAZY TOWN to me that you guys are actually reading what I have to say. And as I thought about that, I thought.. why? Why me? Surely it has nothing to do with me. If I don’t point to God and shout His name until my lipstick wears off, then what is this all for? Naught. And so the Lord lead me to the decision of a big, fat, YES to getting to create a coloring book – for you. With you in mind, and with Him as the star. I hope hope hope you will give it a chance. Even if you’re not into coloring books. If you’re into God’s word, I hope with all my heart that you will pre-order this book, and just see what God has in store for you, and what He would use me to speak to you over it’s pages. If nothing else, you’ll find this: Simple yet beautiful illustrations of God’s word, phrases encouraging you that you are worthy of love, and forgiveness, and encouragement, and the kind of nourishment only He can provide.


Also! If you preorder the book and go to the form on my site, you can enter your receipt number for a FREE coloring page download, so you can get started coloring right away. Included in the PDF will also be a cute little certificate for you to print out and wrap as a “placeholder” of sorts if you’re giving the book as a Christmas gift. (It ships January 24th!)

Thank you SO MUCH for your support and encouragement! My prayer is that God takes this project and does way more with it than I could ever imagine, and that it ends up being the perfect creative tool in your journey of finding nourishment that your soul is craving. (If you color the page, please share it! ? #colorsweeterthanhoney) | xo,

p.s. ALL THE THANKS to Laura Kackley ( for the beautiful photography!!!


It’s ELECTION DAY!!!!!! I know that these times are trying, I know that days like this cause division and high tension. BUT. Today is a huge day in the history of our nation, and so I say let’s celebrate with some paper printables! With the Election Collection Print Pack, you’ll get 12 bi-partisan designs, plus some freebee JPEGs for showing your election support on social media. Just $10 at! Enjoy!! xoxo (p.s. see something you like? please Pin and share!!!)