lindsay letters | jon + leslie’s wedding

I just love designing wedding invitations. LOVE it. The weird part about designing wedding invitations, however, is that the finished product is not supposed to look like me. It’s supposed to look like the couple I’m designing for. This definitely makes it all the more challenging, but even more rewarding. I love learning about people, designing, and making people happy. On a good day {and most days are}, creating invitations involves all three.

Jon was in our wedding, and I was so honored to get to help with his. Leslie was so sweet, chill, and relaxed… the perfect December bride! And she was gorgeous, too. Her vision was black & ivory with bits of green, an homage to her kermit mums. The design is sweet and crisp–a kind of unexpected take on December. I have a lot of fun creating custom maps, and this graphicy little map was no exception. Here’s some photos of the invitation suite…

I took a que from my days in marketing and created a response card that perforates and then sends in as a postcard. This saves on waste, envelope cost, and postage. It also makes for a pretty neat package since you don’t open an envelope and have things fly and fall out at you. The invitation was mailed in a crystal clear envelope, so you could see the invite right through it! Here are some photos of the super fun wedding and more of the stationary I created for the event. {This wedding, by the way, treated us to some of the best wedding food I’ve ever had}. Thanks for the privilege of being part of your day, my friends, and happy anniversary month! xo, linds

*photo credit to come!!

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