Well, I DID IT!!! After a long week of feeling awful, I was thankfully feeling well enough to get to go to my appointment on Friday! Yay! {Incidentally, don’t go get a tattoo when you’re still on flu meds. I completely overdid it and was down for the count the rest of the weekend. BUT! Anyway, back to Friday…}. Remember the tattoo design I told you about? Well, as a refresher, I commissioned the amazing illustrator Katie Rogers of Paper Fashion to create a custom tattoo illustration and it was perfect!!! Exactly what I’d been wanting!!! {Katie, you’re the BEST!}. Here’s the print out I brought to the amazing Andrew Stickler of Odds ‘N Ends Tattoo Studio. {I wonder if I’m the first person to bring Paper Source paper swatches in to a tattoo studio as color references?}

Andrew did the most amazing job. If you’re in the Chicago area and you’re in the market for a tattoo, go see Andrew. He’s a great guy with a beautiful shop. And, most importantly, he does beautiful work. My friend Jeff stopped by and took some photos while I was getting the outline. Take a look!

I really could not possibly be more pleased with the result! Thanks to my “entourage” ;o) for stopping by during the process–you all certainly made the event more enjoyable! And thanks again a million to Andrew and Katie–I am beyond thrilled!!! xo, linds

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