Midnight randomness

Hello! I have so many fun things to share, but for now I just have these small bits of randomness.
– We are back from Kentucky! We went last year and loved it, and this year was just as fun. (WAY different with a 7ish month old!). Will post about a few highlights soon.
– I lost my iPhone somewhere between mile marker 116 and Kentucky. In case you’re not one for doing math, that means I’ve been cell-phone-less for one week and 3 days. (!!!!!) If you have seen an iPhone in a red polka dot case laying lonely in a gas station parking lot somewhere in the Bible belt, it’s mine. Please send it back to me. At least the photos…
– We all have colds. D, E, and I. Having a cold when you’re on your own is one thing, having a cold when your baby has a cold is quite another.
– Eva is hilarious these days. I call her Stitch. Like that crazy animal from Lilo & Stitch. What a goofball!
– We have a van now. We are officially a van family. D won’t let me drive it. Ironic.
– Things are looking better around here, yes?! I’m finally finishing up my little website mini makeover. As these things go, nothing is ever “finished,” but I feel quite at home here and I hope you do, too.
– I officially miss blogging. I hope to be doing more of it. And sleeping. I’d like to blog and sleep more… and read more… and run more… and…
– Tonight I got to cheer on Emily with my family, while playing with a crazy, snotty, wonderful baby and eating these things (Thanks, Ran & Ty):

I hope your week is off to an excellent start! I’m knee deep in invitation calligraphy, emails, and snotty kleenex, but glad to be home and back at it. Enjoy your Tuesday! (And go get yourself some Gigi’s Cupcakes, too!) xo, l

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