Libby Lane Press

Hey there! Owner & designer Nicolle of Libby Lane Press emailed me this morning to let me know that she’s featuring me on her blog this morning! Fun! If you have some time to just bop around online, head over there and check it out [here!] and be sure to check out her punchy invitation and stationery designs, too! In other news, I’m at the shop rockin out to the Bruno Mars station and trying to wrap my mind around the endless sea of paper colors to choose from. What are your walls in need of? What colors would you like to see in the way of prints and canvases? I would LOVE to know what you’d like! xo, l

p.s. I’m not currently taking on custom branding projects like Nicolle’s, but I just love working with my new friends Lara & Emily at Making Brands Happen. If you’re interested in some lovely lettering for your branding, contact those ladies and we can work together that way!