Mock Gift Certificates

Hey friends! I had my first major mom-DIY-fail this week. Seriously, I’m a terrible crafter. Awful. Anyway, I had lofty dreams to make some cutie stepping stones with Eva’s hand print and mosaic tiles. Long story short, it was a hot, soupy mess. I cried. Dugan looked at me like I was an idiot. I cried more.


Lindsay Letters doesn’t offer gift certificates. I think gift certificates are perfectly lovely, but I’ve always thought it was maybe a little funny that when someone gives you a gift certificate for an online shop, you still have to pay shipping. But at the same time, I think gift certificates are cool, because you get to choose exactly what you want. So I got to thinking about a solution, and I think I’ve found one. Introducing, the Lindsay Letters Mock Gift Certificate Download. Ta-da!

Bascially, it’s a little certificate you print & gift that simply a sort of promise-to-purchase voucher. There are several versions of it, and the download is free. You can either attach the digital art into an email and send to your loved one, or print it out and package it in a cute envelope. The giftee then tells you what he or she would like, and then you go to the shop to purchase it for them. Nifty, huh?

Now, if the “We’ll Do it For You Stepping Stone Store” only had something similar…

Happy Early Mother’s Day to all you fellow Mammas out there! xo, L (p.s. Don’t forget that there’s free shipping on all shop orders now through Sunday! Coupon code: LOVEMOM).

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