envelope addressing

Whether you’re sending a single special letter or hundreds of invitations, what better way to embellish your envelope than with a lovely lettering? For now, all of the addressing options I’m offering are done with an ink pen and I can address in just about any color you like. I’m also happy to talk about any other personalization preferences you may have. When ordering, please reference the number of the invitation addressing style you like best. Also, I’m happy to make slight adjustments to any of the styles below to ensure that you get envelopes outfitted to perfectly enhance what’s going inside them. Note: when ordering your envelopes, kindly order an additional 17% just in case I make a mistake or you add your aunt rosie’s sister’s cousin that you forgot about. Please provide your guest list to me in a Microsoft Word document, with everything written out entirely, exactly as you’d like it to appear. Please no excel documents. Thank you!

Our newest addition, the Brown Betty! All envelopes in this style will be opaque white lettering on A7 Kraft paper envelopes (which we will provide). $4 a piece.

Below are examples of hand lettering with an ink pen. $3 a piece for white or black ink.

Below is an example of the lindsay letters style of addressing. This would be the perfect option if you’re sending a smaller batch of mail… a special birthday party, a letter to your bridesmaids, or even a simple love note would be the perfect application for the mix and matched lettering style. Each envelope is it’s very own illustration. $5 a piece.

**ordering details**

SENDING YOUR ENVELOPES // My address is: Lindsay Sherbondy | 438 Tralee Drive | Rockford, Illinois | 61107. It is a residence, and you don’t need to make sure the package is signed for.
FINISHING UP // Upon my completion, everything will be professionally proofread and accounted for. I will let e-mail you to let you know that the project is finished and that it’s on it’s way to you!
SHIPPING // Because shipping costs vary so drastically {rush shipping, weight, where the package is being shipped to, etcetera}, shipping costs are not included in the price you have been quoted. However, I will include the shipping costs on your final invoice. If there is a shipping method you prefer, please let me know. Generally I use FedEx Express, and I will provide you with a tracking number.
PAYMENT // A 25% deposit is required when I begin a project, and I will email you an invoice for that when I receive your envelopes. Once the project is all wrapped up, I will send you an invoice for the remaining amount. I send my invoices using FreshBooks. FreshBooks will suggest that you create an account and pay me online. However, you’re welcome to mail me a check as well {made payable to Lindsay Letters, LLC). Kindly pay your invoice in full within 7 days of receiving it. If mailing a check, I will wait until receipt of your check prior to sending your envelopes.

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