How on EARTH did this happen?!?!?!? God’s grace, that’s how. I am a huge Nester fan, and I simply cannot believe that I got to do the lettering for her book: The Nesting Place! Myquillyn and I speak the same design and life language: Pretty and notperfect makes perfect. She was a dream to work with, and I love supporting her vision and mission for helping women everywhere love themselves enough to love their spaces, while realizing at the same time that “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

It Doesn

I just love her blog, her style, and her transparency. And now, if you pre-order the book (all the details in her blog post here), you can email them to receive this printable PDF. Sweet

This book (and a framed print!) would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Maybe even another goodie from the LL shop, too? Because, hey, might as well. ;o) Check out the For the Ladies Collection – just some special things I thought you might like for leading ladies in your life. (OR for yourself!)

Now what are you waiting for? Go buy the book and then email the Nester team for your free printable! xo

It Doesn
(Fun photos, courtesy of the Nester!)


Crosby City Bike | $399

Happy Wednesday! Dayna Winter at Shopify put together a chic Mother’s Day Gift Guide featuring various Shopify merchants. (That’s me!) I’m pumped the Love in All Things Canvas made it in to this group!


Love in All Things | $55+

Here are some other lovely goodies from the group:


Rockport Women’s Cycle Motion Lace Up | $100


Trend Addictions Soap Dish | $6


Butterfly Measuring Cups by Two’s Company | $32.50

Click here for the full post! (p.s. Monday, May 5th, will be the last day to order from the LL Shop with guaranteed Mother’s Day delivery!)


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    Ryan / The Blooming Thread - If I had that bike, oh my goodness. I’d put a wood crate on the back and ride it everyday to the post office to drop of my orders. Just added that to my birthday wishlist!ReplyCancel


I’m so so so thrilled to announce: Just Love – a new line in the Lindsay Letters Shop!


Deciding to create a line like this was birthed months and months ago. When D and I moved, it was so fun to look at our new place and decide what should go where. 24 hours after our moving truck pulled away, I had these 3 thoughts: 1. If we ever again move to a totally different climate and home-style, I will leave 98% of my material things behind and start over. Wool sweaters and shabby chic didn’t really make sense in our new AZ adobe. 2. Never again let the tamale lady sell her goodies to the moving guys before they’re done actually moving your stuff in. 3. What the heck kind of art do you put in a bedroom?


You see, I always start with art first. Always. No matter if I was moving to my new locker in high school, my new room at the sorority, or a new house, art for me is the foundation of everything else. We may not have a bed, but we sure as hell have some paintings and a few plates rigged to the wall. It helps me to feel at home. In our new place, we’re fortunate to have a good size bedroom with a lot of wall space. So naturally, I leaned our 3 (small) wedding photo canvases on the walls and laughed. Wow, we look little. (Also, so did the canvases). And it got me thinking – aside from wedding photos, what do people hang on the walls of their bedroom? Sure, there’s the “always kiss me good night” barn wood panels, maybe a Starry Starry Night or an abstract painting and perhaps a mirror. But what else? And eventually, here is where I landed.


Six new Art Prints, all in black letterpress and shiny gold foil. The prints are sketchy, and that’s intentional. I’m not exactly a romantic – I wanted these prints to be pretty, but not overly cursivey or feminine feeling. I choose classic matte black letterpress together with gold foil. Because who doesn’t love black and gold? And the paper is awesome – it’s not quite white, not quite tan, with little flecks throughout. It looks like if a white sandy beach were to reincarnate as a piece of cardstock. At 11″ x 14″, the prints are the largest ones in the shop. I wanted them to feel substantial, and like they would make a great gift to someone, even without a frame. Just stick a pretty bow on it and – voilà! Leave it perched on the gift table so all your friends can ask who got it for them. (You did. You did). And finally, for a little je ne sais quoi, each print has a special little something at the bottom in gold.


The prints are all available right here, for $35 each. Or, you can choose any 3 for $85, or pick up the whole lot for $150. If you’re looking for a frame, I got this white one at Target and a chincy black pop-in one at Hobby Lobby (I thought it looked really cool in my gallery wall in my office, and it was only like, $4 with my coupon!). I couldn’t find any gold ones I loved, so I worked the system: I got this Gold Leaf Gallery Frame from West Elm, and just had my local framing store cut a matte to fit my 11″ x 14″ prints. It’s perfect! These prints could easily stand along, but I love the idea of hanging several in a row together. And of course, in a gallery wall as mentioned above. (Little peek at my un-finished desk space below).


I hope you find one – or a few – you love! I’m hoping to see these prints pop up all over… in Arizona adobes, lake front cottages, farm houses, suburban cities and sandy beaches alike. I also think they would be super cute to use as photo props and in event styling!

Oh, and one last note: aren’t those flowers beautiful!? My friend Teresa, owner of Camelback Flower Shop, worked with me to style the photos for the line. She’s such a natural. Effervescent, joyful, and really knows how to work a poppy. Thanks for all your help and beauty, Teresa!

Enjoy! xoxo

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So, that’s my view up there. Incredible, right?! I have no idea what that small fake deer thing with tin foil on his antler is. We call him Benny.

I can’t believe we’ve been in Arizona for seven months!! Sometimes it feels like years, and sometimes it feels like just yesterday D and I made the up and down road trip out here. We drove through the corn and the plains and the red dessert and sweet pines and mountains to Paradise Valley, and got here safe and sound. That first night, against our best efforts, we cried on our bedroom floor (no moving truck yet) and wondered out loud if we made the right choice – leaving everything. I mean, we knew we made the right choice, but ugh… it was hard. The days and weeks and months after that have been both incredible and a little emotionally taxing. D’s job wasn’t what we expected, and he resigned shortly after we got here. In that alone, I am so proud of him. It would have been so much easier to just stay. Stay in Rockford, stay at that job. But I don’t want to be with someone that picks easy. No, not at all. It’s been really hard being away from our friends, and most of our family, and our supportive church home, and my shop. But that to say, we have fallen in love with Phoenix and this weather, and this experience has bonded us as a family more than ever. (And D’s mom is here with us, which we are so grateful for).  If I were home, I know most nights during this weird job transition and waiting period would have been spent (with a gallon of ice cream and a hundred pack of Reeses PB cups) at Steph’s or Ashley’s or Andrea’s. (Andrea probably would have only let me have 50, but still). Or at Theresa’s in the hot tub with wine – plenty. Or at Ahndea’s, if she still lived in IL, begging her to bake just one batch of her famous cookies over and over and over again. (And again?). Or loading up on even more Starbucks with Randi or Leah or Sarah. (It’s treat receipt season, right?). But because I’m here… thousands of miles and time zones and climates apart, I am not. I am here, at my incredible (rented) house, working through all these crazy emotions with my incredible (permanent) husband. What a blessing this season is and will be. I know it.

View More: http://rachel-solomon.pass.us/sherbondyfamily

(Family photo by the super incredible, Phoenix-based Rachel Solomon)

I’m usually an all or nothing girl. If I love it – a person, place, activity, food, thing, whatever – I am ALL. IN. No one would describe me as a grey area type of person. But since we’ve gotten here, that’s where I’ve lived. Grey. I’ve been afraid to get my feet wet, fully submerge myself in to what Arizona has to offer. I’ve been afraid to settle in, not wanting to do the work to make friends or time, because I haven’t known how long we’re going to stay. And the funny thing is, it’s been like that most of our marriage. For nearly the past 4 years, something has been brewing. I’ve not wanted to settle in to anything – our house, my job, a gym membership, magazine subscription… whatever. Because I’ve always felt like something was “coming.” Mentally, I’ve been preparing. Getting ready for something. Getting ready to start a business, leave our jobs, start another business, run a marathon, have a baby, sell our house, move (across the street, not the country), etc. And you know what? While those things did happen, me stopping my life in anticipation for what’s next never helped. Not once. Why? Because, A). Stopping your life in anticipation of your life is stupid. And, B). Because nothing about any of those things happened the way I saw or anticipated or planned for anyway. And yet, here we are, all happy and healthy and a-okay.


(climbing to the top of Camelback Mountain on Christmas Eve for my birthday!)

Whenever people find out we haven’t yet been in AZ through one of it’s infamously scorching summers, people always say “well, get ready!” And that’s the theme, especially now that it’s spring. Commercials, ads, people at Walgreens… EVERYONE is saying:

“Well, get ready for the heat!”

This has seemed an odd warning to me. (Much like those falling rock signs on the road I’m driving on. What am I supposed to do? I’m already here? Swerve of the road, over the guardrail, and in to the canyon?). As long as I have a home and a car with AC, what else, pray-tell, am I supposed to do to “get ready”?

And so, my friends. Here is where it stops and starts for me. I’m going to stop getting ready. The heat will come. Just like a new opportunities and jobs and studio spaces and people will come. I am going to enjoy the perfect nighttime breeze of April and not bypass it in the dread of 119 degree July. I am going to enjoy the possibility of swimming outside on Easter and the fact that not a day has gone by in nearly a year that I haven’t worn flip flops. I am going to live in this moment, in today, in this place, because it is what I have. (And it’s incredible). And when the Lord calls us to something else, be it state of mind or United State of America, I will prepare accordingly. But no more getting ready. Forget getting ready. I’m going to live for today. (Gosh, if only 100 bumper stickers and country songs had told me to do that 4 years ago)… xoxo

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11



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    Ashley Bugg - Lindsay! I love this! Thank you for sharing this piece of your heart! Let’s please get together soon!
    xoxo. ashley.ReplyCancel

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      lindsay - See?! THIS is what I mean! YES!ReplyCancel

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        ashley bugg - Fabulous! MRKT is happening in just two short weeks, so let’s plan for after that! (I am one CRAZY woman right now!! hahaha!)…unless, of course, you have some inventory that you’d like to get my way for our event on May 2, in which case let’s meet early next week or something! xoxoxReplyCancel

  • April 17, 2014 - 4:21 am

    T - Linds!!! I am SO proud of you! I am proud of the tough choices you have made, the risks you have taken, and the journey you have started! You are such an inspiration to many. Even being transparent in a blog takes courage. I love you and am so thankful to call YOU friend!! Now….go hang something on those walls of yours!!!ReplyCancel

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      lindsay - love you, T!ReplyCancel

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    Steph - This. Makes my heart say amen and selah all at once. I’m so glad you wrote this, so proud of you. And also, so thankful because I want to be better and this inspires me to want that even more.ReplyCancel

  • April 17, 2014 - 3:21 pm

    Toby - Linds, thanks. Your honest words speak to my heart as I’m staring our move in the face. And I feel torn between the 2 worlds. Thanks for reminding me to be all in, wherever I am. God is faithful…He knows what we need…we can trust Him! love you & miss you ~ xoxoReplyCancel

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    BeccyH - Thank you for your honesty and courage. And welcome to Arizona!ReplyCancel

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    Pop-pop - Thanks for your transparency. It is a delight to get a peek into your thoughts. Adjusting to change is never easy since growth is painfully exhilarating. But the roots you and Dugan and Eva grow together in your new surroundings will strengthen your love for each other. Record every day in the tapestry of your exclusive journey.ReplyCancel